Suffering with Allergies?

Suffering with Allergies?

If it is one thing that North Texans know about, it’s the misery that comes along with allergies.  In the real estate business, the Stacey Feltman Group helps a lot of people relocating to the area and one of the main things they hear about is how bad allergies can be in Texas.  While we cannot control mother Earth, we can try to eliminate a lot of allergens inside our homes.  Here are a few helpful hints to help you through…

Beat the Dust in the Bedrooms!

We spend a lot of time in our beds at night getting our beauty rest, but behold the ugly dust mites that are inhabiting our mattresses.  A quick fix is to cover your mattress and pillows with zip-on dust mite covers.  Dust also settles in pillows, bedding and drapes.  Go curtain free if possible or use curtains that can be washed along with bedding and pillows.  If you have pets that shares a bed with you their dander can be an issue.  Bathing pets weekly can help relieve some of the dander.  Most people have carpet in their bedrooms, if you cannot remove carpet vacuuming once a week can help pull up some of the dust.  Vacuuming can stir up dust, so you may want to wear a mask while vacuuming carpets.  Some vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter that will trap dust and keep it from settling back into the carpet.

Keep the Outdoors Out!

Lay down two doormats at each entryway—one outside, one inside—to keep outdoor irritants from finding their way inside. Or, have your family and guests remove their shoes when they enter, so they don't spread allergens around.

Change those Air Filters!

Don't forget to clean or replace the filters in your heating and cooling system. Just follow the manufacturers' instructions on timing and frequency.

Ditch the Drapes!

Blinds or shades trap fewer allergens than fabric window treatments, but if you insist on curtains, opt for the machine-washable kind, which are easier to keep dust-free. Remove dust by vacuuming once a week with a brush attachment, and wash them frequently during months when you keep the windows open.

Eliminate the Mold in Bathrooms!

There are more than 100,000 species of mold on the planet, and one of their favorite places to live is your bathroom. Clean it regularly, making sure to dry off surfaces that collect standing water, and make sure it's well ventilated. Also replace broken tiles and re-caulk sinks and tubs every few years to discourage mold growth behind walls.

Look Under the Kitchen Sink!

It's a prime spot for mold growth when pipes drip. Pull everything out of the cabinet and inspect the interior carefully for signs of leaks. Also look for mouse droppings and cockroach webs, since rodents and bugs can trigger allergies, too. Get leaks fixed, seal holes, clean the area, and keep it tidy and dry to eliminate irritant build-up.  Other areas to look for mold in kitchen area include the refrigerator and washing machines.  Make sure you are cleaning these as well.  You can use vinegar and water to safely clean inside refrigerators and washers.

Go Carpet Free!

Minimize the amount of carpet you have.  If you can, replace with the many types of hardwood or solid surface floors.

If you suffer from allergies, you may need to see a doctor to determine what specific allergens you are allergic too.  Click HERE to check the daily pollen count in your area.