Save Money in Your Home in 2016!

Energy Home

Make a New Year’s resolution to save money in your home by making some simple changes. You may be able to free up money to take that vacation you wanted or even for a home remodel.

Cutting the Cord
Get rid of cable and your landline and you can save over $100 a month! You can keep your fast internet and stream shows online to your TV via Netflix, Hulu, Chromecast, and Amazon just to name a few.

Tint your Windows in the summer
If the sun beats down through your windows especially in the summer, consider having them tinted. The window film acts as an imperceptible layer similar to how sunglasses by filtering out infrared and UV rays. You will have upfront costs to tint the windows but your savings can translate to an average of 20%-25% in energy savings costs. Not only will tinted windows save energy, but it can protect your carpet, paintings, wood floors and furniture from fading.

Seal your windows in the winter
Small gaps or cracks around the window or door frame allow air to leak inside. Just by sealing or fixing the gaps around your windows and doors can bring down the heating bill around 10%-15%.

Change the way you wash your clothes
Switch to washing in cold water. Your clothes will still get clean and some stains do come out better in cold water. If you do this you can save around $60 a year. Consider line drying in nice weather instead of the dryer and do clean out your dryer vent and you can reduce energy costs by $9-$12 per month.

Get Low Energy Bulbs

Switching to low-energy bulbs is quick and easy way to reduce lighting costs. A 60 watt bulb can save between $30-$80 over its lifetime. If the average household has 50 bulbs you can save a minimum of $1,500! You don’t have to go out and switch out all the light bulbs at once. Swap out the ones you use most frequently or replace them with low energy ones as they burn out.

Kill Energy Vampires

Do you leave appliances plugged in when not in use? How about your phone chargers? By unplugging these items when not in use, you can save an average of $165 a year. There are special power cords that can be purchased that will turn off equipment when it senses they are not in use.

Turn down your water heater
The higher the water heater is turned up the more energy is needed to keep gallons of water scalding hot for no reason. By lowering it 10 degrees Fahrenheit will save you 3%-5% on your heating costs. You can also purchase a blanket or cover your water heater to keep in in to save you an additional 4%-9% in savings.

Have an energy audit
Many utility companies will offer energy audits at no costs. They will send an expert out to assess your home’s energy consumption and look for improvement areas where you can cut back or fix. They will examine your utility usage, examine your windows, duct work, shower heads and more. You can save as much as 30%.