Tips for Relocating

Relocating to another city or state is a huge task consisting of packing, organizing, anxiety and many other uncertainties of moving and it can be very overwhelming. If you have children, dealing with helping them get adjusted to a new location, new school and new friends can be challenging.

There are a few ways to prepare for your upcoming move so you can make a smooth transition to your new locations.

Before you visit, search the internet for local newspapers and news stations to get a feel of what is important to the residents. There are many local online resources with information on the demographics, schools, crime statistics, retail and more.

You will want to research home prices and a real estate agent that specializes in relocation to help you in your search for your new home. If you have children, you will want to research the school district to help you narrow down a location.

During your visit, meet with your Real Estate Agent to schedule a time to look at homes that fit your qualifications. You can also arrange to make a personal visit to the schools of interest as well as other places that is of importance to you or your family.

When preparing to move, pack up as much as you can and keep only the bare essentials until it is move time. You can load your stuff in large portable containers that can be delivered to your new place. Ship a box of things you will need such as a few change of clothes, towels, cooking essentials, bedding, etc. to tide you over until the rest of your belongings arrive. Do not pack important papers, keep them with you! This includes birth certificates, social security cards, and anything that is needed to prove residency. If you have children, you will need to give permission to the current school to send academic records to the new school, get all medial and immunization records to help your new doctor have a view of your medical history. Your Real Estate Agent can help provide you a list of all the services you will need in your new home for you to arrange utilities to be turned on the day before you arrive.

Finally, once you arrive, get some of the basics set up at home and introduce yourself to your neighbors! Drive around to get acclimated to your new area and find out where the grocery store is located and best routes to and from work/school. In no time it will feel like home!