Paul and Diane Landers

Today marked the 12th home closing for my wife and I. We will be settling in to our new home in Newman Village in the coming weeks after the sale of our home in Starwood. We would like to take some time to recognize our exceptional real estate agent, Stacey Feltman, who worked so steadfast and diligently with us in the sale of our Starwood home and the purchase in Newman Village to make our experience truly “one to remember for a lifetime”. Her knowledge and expertise of real estate matters, both as a Listing and Buyers’ agent, became readily apparent from our first encounter and we quickly gained trust and confidence in her ability to deliver for us. We cannot say enough good things about Stacey; but recommend her without reservation to anybody who seeks a qualified real estate agent. Let me conclude our praise and thanks to Stacey by saying just one word that aptly describes her…….SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!!!!