Summer Camp Ideas in Frisco, TX!

School is almost out!  Summer camps are filling up fast!  Frisco has a variety of camps to choose from.  Whether sports, academic, music and more- Frisco has it all!  Here are just a few of the many Frisco has to offer!

Academic Camps

Bricks 4 Kids

Children can learn how to build detailed designs with Lego bricks at the various camps at Bricks 4 Kids.  The camps include “Minecraft,” Pokemon and “Star Wars” themes. One of the camps—Jumping, Mining, and Crafting—includes an hour at Urban Air Trampoline Park.

There are various locations in Frisco

Weekly camps starting on June 4th

Cost: $185 per week


Smarts Education & Enrichment

The learning center will offer summer camps that focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math. Activities include drama clubs, mental math, science labs and robotics.

Location:  4280 Main St. Ste. 500 Frisco, TX 75033

Weekly camps starting June 4th

Costs:  Starting at $150 per week


Arts & Performance Camps

Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts

This school offers camps with themes based on drumming, guitar, Art and Broadway showcase.

Location:  9255 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75033

Weekly camps start June 11th

Costs:  Starting at $150 per week


Frisco Youth Theatre Camp

Offer a variety of programs such as art & drama and production.  Youth will learn from professional directors, actors and singers that have worked everywhere from Broadway to L.A.


Power House of Dance-Frisco

10850 Frisco St. Frisco, TX 75033

Weekly camps starting June 4th

Costs:  Starting at $195


Frisco School of Rock

Through workshops, clinics, and private instruction, our comprehensive camp experience is designed to hone performance skills in a safe and cool environment.


6891 Main St. Frisco, TX

Weekly Camps starting June 4th

Costs:  Starting at $495 (full day)


General Summer Camps


Jungle Joes Frisco

There is so much fun to be had by all children-playing games, creating crafts, sports activities, educational experiments and story-time.


7447 Hillcrest Rd #104

Frisco, Texas 75035

Weekly Camps starting June 11th

Costs:  Starting at $195 per week (One day options are available)


YMCA Day Camps-Frisco YMCA

Collin County Adventure Camp

Offers zip line adventures, a pool, ropes course, archery & sports.  Kids are transported daily from the Frisco YMCA.


Frisco YMCA

3415 Main St.

Frisco, TX 75033

Drop off time:  7:00-7:30 am

Pick up time:  5:15-6:00 pm

Costs:  $205 per week (financial assistance if available for those that qualify)


Made In the Shade Indoor Day Camps (5 – 12 yrs)

Every summer the Y offers new experiences and creates day camp activities for hundreds of youth. From traditional summer camps that encourage kids to explore new adventures, to preschool camps where campers participate in themed weeks and hands-on learning, they provide kids and youth with opportunity to learn, thrive, grow and of course have fun!

Camp Caddo Location: Newman Elementary.12333 Briar Ridge Road, Frisco TX 75033

Weekly camps starting June 4th

Costs:  Starting at $144 (Financial assistance is available for those that qualify)


Frisco Athletic Center

Super Summer Fun Days camp participants will swim in the State-Of-The-Art Outdoor Aquatic Center while staying cool indoors playing all sorts of active and cooperative Summer camp games.  Children will also enjoy expanding their creative side with a daily Arts-N-Crafts.


5828 Nancy Jane Lane

Frisco, TX  75035

Weekly Camps start June 11th

Costs:  Starts at $95


There are many other camps to fit many needs in Frisco, TX, these are just a few.  Here at the Stacey Feltman Group, we wish you and your family a healthy, safe & happy Summer!













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Suffering with Allergies?

If it is one thing that North Texans know about, it’s the misery that comes along with allergies.  In the real estate business, the Stacey Feltman Group helps a lot of people relocating to the area and one of the main things they hear about is how bad allergies can be in Texas.  While we cannot control mother Earth, we can try to eliminate a lot of allergens inside our homes.  Here are a few helpful hints to help you through…

Beat the Dust in the Bedrooms!

We spend a lot of time in our beds at night getting our beauty rest, but behold the ugly dust mites that are inhabiting our mattresses.  A quick fix is to cover your mattress and pillows with zip-on dust mite covers.  Dust also settles in pillows, bedding and drapes.  Go curtain free if possible or use curtains that can be washed along with bedding and pillows.  If you have pets that shares a bed with you their dander can be an issue.  Bathing pets weekly can help relieve some of the dander.  Most people have carpet in their bedrooms, if you cannot remove carpet vacuuming once a week can help pull up some of the dust.  Vacuuming can stir up dust, so you may want to wear a mask while vacuuming carpets.  Some vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter that will trap dust and keep it from settling back into the carpet.

Keep the Outdoors Out!

Lay down two doormats at each entryway—one outside, one inside—to keep outdoor irritants from finding their way inside. Or, have your family and guests remove their shoes when they enter, so they don’t spread allergens around.

Change those Air Filters!

Don’t forget to clean or replace the filters in your heating and cooling system. Just follow the manufacturers’ instructions on timing and frequency.

Ditch the Drapes!

Blinds or shades trap fewer allergens than fabric window treatments, but if you insist on curtains, opt for the machine-washable kind, which are easier to keep dust-free. Remove dust by vacuuming once a week with a brush attachment, and wash them frequently during months when you keep the windows open.

Eliminate the Mold in Bathrooms!

There are more than 100,000 species of mold on the planet, and one of their favorite places to live is your bathroom. Clean it regularly, making sure to dry off surfaces that collect standing water, and make sure it’s well ventilated. Also replace broken tiles and re-caulk sinks and tubs every few years to discourage mold growth behind walls.

Look Under the Kitchen Sink!

It’s a prime spot for mold growth when pipes drip. Pull everything out of the cabinet and inspect the interior carefully for signs of leaks. Also look for mouse droppings and cockroach webs, since rodents and bugs can trigger allergies, too. Get leaks fixed, seal holes, clean the area, and keep it tidy and dry to eliminate irritant build-up.  Other areas to look for mold in kitchen area include the refrigerator and washing machines.  Make sure you are cleaning these as well.  You can use vinegar and water to safely clean inside refrigerators and washers.

Go Carpet Free!

Minimize the amount of carpet you have.  If you can, replace with the many types of hardwood or solid surface floors.

If you suffer from allergies, you may need to see a doctor to determine what specific allergens you are allergic too.  Click HERE to check the daily pollen count in your area.



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Do It Now! Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for School!

Frisco ISD Parents we are just 2 weeks away from that magical first day of school! This is the day some of us parents have been praying for! Now is the perfect time to get your kids and yourself ready for the upcoming chaos of the morning and afternoon rush. Here are some tips we can start doing now to prepare.

Ease the Family in to the school year schedule
The day of is not the time to start waking them up early. Start 2 weeks prior re-introducing them to the school year bedtime and start waking late sleepers up closer to the time they will need to wake up for school.

Lunch & snack time schedule
Find out what time your child will be eating lunch and having snacks for the upcoming school year and you can plan meals and snacks accordingly so they can better adapt to the new schedule.

Organize your days with a Family Calendar
Back to school also brings those extracurricular activities and busy after school schedules. You may be running around in chaos especially if you have more than one child. Create a family calendar that is centrally located with each person’s activities, meetings, etc. You can also color code each person’s activities. This will help you stay organized without the chaos!

School Shopping
Frisco ISD provides the opportunity to purchase back to school supply kits and delivers them to your child’s classroom so there is no need to deal with the hustle and bustle of going out and hoping one store has all you need. Do assess your kids wardrobe and make a list of items they will need to start school and Do shop early.

School Enrollment
Many schools like Frisco ISD have enrollment guidelines so make sure you are prepared and have the appropriate paperwork handy. For instance Frisco ISD requires:

Acceptable proof of residency is one of the following:

 A copy of a current (current or previous month) utility bill (electric, gas or water) which shows the current usage on it.
 A current lease (for 30 days until a utility bill is available).
 If you have recently purchased your home, a copy of the closing papers will suffice until a utility bill is available to reproduce (within 30 days).
 If you are living with a relative or friend in the FISD attendance zone, an affidavit must be completed, notarized and returned to the school office along with a current utility bill.
 Students living apart from parents—Refer to Policy FDB (LOCAL).

For more information visit

Reduce the morning madness
Each evening, think ahead to the following morning; where can you lighten the load? Set the breakfast table as you clear the dinner dishes, and make sure breakfast foods are easy to reach. Lay out children’s clothing the night before. Scan backpacks or launch pad spaces for missing homework, projects or library books. Make sure musical instruments or sports bags are packed and ready to go.

Finally, parents relax and keep calm because kids are almost back to school! If you start organizing and getting prepared early you will be all set to go!

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Community Highlight-Hollyhock, Frisco, TX

Community Highlight-Hollyhock, Frisco, TX

Hollyhock is located in the rapidly-growing and desirable city of Frisco, TX. Encompassing nearly 400 acres, the community will include an amenity center and numerous parks and a trail network.

Price Range per Builder and Type:
David Weekly Homes From the 414’s
Drees Custom Homes From the 420’s
Britton Homes From the low 500’s
Coventry Homes From the 600’s
Highland Homes From the 520’s

Take the Dallas North Tollway north to Panther Creek Parkway in Frisco. Turn left and drive 3.5 miles, turn right on Teel Parkway to the entrance to Hollyhock.

Frisco ISD Schools:

Newman Elementary School

Trent Middle School

Lone Star High School

Community Amenities:

Clubhouse & Pool- Contains a resort-style pool to swim laps or to just enjoy a day with the family under the cabanas. Amenities also include a splash pad, BBQ area, outdoor patio space, clubhouse with fitness center, gathering spaces and an event kitchen.

Trails and open space- 5.5 miles of hiking, biking & walking trails. Green spaces, parks, playgrounds, pavilions and artful spaces.

Activities & Events- Yoga, running and mom-and-tot clubs, community gatherings & parties planned.

Why choose Hollyhock?
The location is convenient to the Dallas North Tollway, Amenities are amazing, top notch Frisco Schools, community events and convenience to shopping & dining. A perfect place to enjoy the perks of Frisco living!

For more questions regarding this community, please contact the Stacey Feltman Group at
214-356-8368 and we would be glad to share with you what our clients are saying about Hollyhock.
You can visit this community on the web at

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Big Changes Coming to Your Frisco YMCA!


Who has never heard of the YMCA? Of course most anyone can get up and sing the song “Y-M-C-A” and do the arm motions along with it. There is a deep history and culture of the YMCA dating back in our country to 1851 and before that to London, England in 1844. Its founding was based on community and helping young men have a “home away from home.” Of course, it has evolved over the many years to fit the ever changing needs of our society.
The YMCA works everyday side by side with neighbors “to make sure everyone, regardless of age, income or background has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. “ The mission states the same, “to put Christian values into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.”

In order for the Frisco YMCA to keep its promises of it mission and cause, they must expand to fit the ever changing needs of its community. The Frisco YMCA is now in the early stages of planning for a three-phase capital campaign:

Phase 1
This phase will add 5,000 square feet to the existing facility that will include a new multipurpose room, expanded free weight area, and a new functional fitness training area.

Phase 2
This phase will provide for the addition of an outdoor pool. For more than 100 years the YMCA has been teaching America to swim and teaching safety around the water. According to the CDC, formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%.

Phase 3
This phase will include a new gymnasium to help provide children a place to build self-esteem, learn sportsmanship and build community.

While the construction on phase 1 is scheduled to begin in early December 2016 and finish in May 2017, phases 2 and 3 will not begin until we have raised the necessary funds to complete them. So if you are looking for a place to get healthy while supporting many good causes, this is the place for you!

Please contact Bill Markell, Executive Director at (214) 297-YMCA (9622) or at for more information or to find out how you can help the Frisco YMCA grow to meet our community’s needs!

Click HERE to visit the Frisco YMCA website or visit them at the branch located at 3415 Main St. Frisco, TX.

The YMCA provides Financial assistance for all programs for those who qualify.

See below for more information on the Frisco YMCA Expansion:



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The Canals at Grand Park, Frisco, TX

Community Highlight


This community prides itself on the belief in sustainable, multi-lifestyle living. Their objective is connectivity and to make it a community where different generations can come together through front porch conversations and backyard barbecues , making it simple to live, work, play and connect.
This community offers different architectural styles with townhomes, urban living, senior living, estate living, villa homes and manor homes. You will have plenty to choose from if you are up-sizing, building a family or embracing an active retirement lifestyle. There is plenty for everyone!

Price Range per Builder and Type:
CB Jeni-Lifestyle Townhomes from the $300s
Cambridge Homes (Villa Style) from the high $300s
Darling Homes (Villa Style) from the $400s
Drees Custom Homes (Manor Style) from the $550s
Southgate Homes (Estate Style) from the high $600s

It is located just west of the Dallas North Tollway off of Legacy Drive and Cotton Gin Road. Its location makes it a great place for those needing easy access to DNT, new Toyota headquarters, Dallas Cowboy Practice Facility, etc. It is also in close proximity to shopping, dining, sports arenas and local golf courses.

Frisco ISD Schools:
Vaughn Elementary School

Pioneer Heritage Middle School

Frisco High School

Community Amenities:
Founder’s Park Amenity Center includes: Fitness center, 2 pools and cabanas, media room, gaming room, dining room, outdoor living porch and meeting rooms, and more!
Open Spaces throughout the community include an abundance of small, intimate parks, pedestrian walkways, designated bike lanes and more!

Why choose The Canals at Grand Park?
The location, amenities, variety of architectural styles and types of living options makes this community enticing for all!

For more questions regarding this community, please contact the Stacey Feltman Group at
214-356-8368 and we would be glad to share with you what our clients are saying about The Canals at Grand Park!

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Newman Village, Frisco, TX

Community Highlight


In 2008, Darling Homes and the Newman Family embarked on a mission to create this premier gated community in Frisco, TX. In 2010, building started and now it is on its 3rd phase of development with home builders including of course Darling Homes, Booth Brothers Homes, and Ron Davis Custom Homes. You can downsize to a patio home or upsize into a large custom home. This community has a distinct flare with a small town vibe with its central plaza and many community events like the “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Christmas time. This is an old-fashioned celebration with costumed carolers, horse-drawn carriages and hayrides, ice skating, choo choo train rides, live holiday music and a special meet-and-greet with Santa Claus.

Price Range:
Approximate starting price around $700,000 to over $2,000,000

It is located just west of the Dallas North Tollway on Eldorado Pkwy. Its location makes it a great place for those needing easy access to DNT, new Toyota headquarters, Dallas Cowboy Practice Facility, etc. It is also in close proximity to shopping, dining, sports arenas and local golf courses.

Frisco ISD Schools:
James R Newman Elementary School

Trent Middle School

Lone Star High School

Community Amenities:
•Discovery Center: Hub for social activities and community events throughout the year
•Central Plaza featuring unique works of art
•Walking trails and playground
•Swim and Racquet Club
•Resort-style pool
•Dancing splash pad
•Tennis courts
•Ping Pong tables

Why choose Newman Village:
Location, amenities, gated community, small-town atmosphere, family oriented activities, and distinct architecture make this community top of the list in Frisco, TX.

For more questions regarding this community, please contact the Stacey Feltman Group at
214-356-8368 and we would be glad to share with you what our clients are saying about Newman Village!

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Thinking about Selling, Then Check Out Your North Dallas Area Real Estate Stats!


Latest stats from September 2016 North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.

Frisco, TX & Denton, TX
Active Listings: 768
New Listings: 372
Pending Sales: 310
Sold Homes: 346 w/average of 42 Days on the Market
Sales Price to List Price: 98%
Months of Inventory: 2.4 months*
Average Sales Price: $421,893
Average Price per SqFt: $137

Prosper, TX
Active Listings: 284
New Listings: 99
Pending Sales: 50
Sold Homes: 77 w/average of 60 days on the market
Sales Price to List Price: 97%
Months of Inventory: 4.2 Months*
Average Sales Price: $482,855
Average Price per SqFt: $136

McKinney, TX
Active Listings: 501
New Listings: 245
Pending Sales: 209
Sold Homes: 262 w/average of 30 days on the market
Sales Price to List Price: 99%
Months of Inventory: 2.2 Months*
Average Sales Price: $326,199
Average Price per SqFt: $125

Allen, TX
Active Listings: 261
New Listings: 166
Pending Sales: 103
Sold Homes: 130 w/average of 36 days on the market
Sales Price to List Price: 99%
Months of Inventory: 2.1 Months*
Average Sales Price: $354,421
Average Price per SqFt: $130

The Colony, TX
Active Listings: 66
New Listings: 57
Pending Sales: 38
Sold Homes: 52 w/average of 30 days on the market
Sales Price to List Price: 99%
Months of Inventory: 1.4 Months*
Average Sales Price: $242,791
Average Price per SqFt: $118

*Months of inventory– This is the amount of time it would take to sell all current listings at the current sales pace if no new listings became available. You will hear “Seller’s Market and Buyer’s Market” in regards to Months of Inventory. Here is what determines the current status:
0-4 Months is a “Seller’s Market”
5-7 Months is a “Balanced Market”
8-12 Months is a “Buyer’s Market”

So with this guide you will see we are in a Seller’s Market. This is the time where there are more buyers than homes on the market and as a seller you will be able to get the most money in your pocket with possible multiple offers in the right situation. If you are on the fence about selling, this information may help you make that decision.

If you would like stats from other cities around the Metroplex, please give us a call and we will be glad to share them!

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Frisco, TX continues to grow with Frisco Station!

Frisco Station

The CEO of Invest Group Overseas, Anas Kozbari , previously stated that Dubai and Frisco, TX are the two global hot spots for development . His insight may be right on track with the amount of growth that is taking place.

One of the areas of development is Frisco Station. This urban design center is considered the next-generation mixed use development. It will be located surrounding the Dallas Cowboys training facility and the $5B Mile. It will boast everything from, a health & wellness district, urban living, office high-rises, shopping, dining, entertainment, events and more!

Frisco Station has also just locked in 4 new hotels. Newcrest Image, a hotel and development company, will develop and AC Hotel, Residence Inn, Canopy by Hilton and Hyatt Place. It will break ground in January 2017 with an open date of June 2018.

Frisco Station was developed with the health and well-being in mind of its residents, visitors and employees. Its platform consists of smart cutting edge technology with modern amenities, creativity of innovative programs and facilities, and the healthy aspect of its beautiful parks, trails and outdoor amenities.

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