Eliminate Your Thanksgiving Stress!

Eliminate Your Thanksgiving Stress!

Halloween is over and now on to the next!  Never too early to prepare for Thanksgiving especially if you are the host!  Thanksgiving meal prep takes a lot of time and preparation not to mention all the other stuff you need to do to prepare for Holiday guests.  Family can be stressful in itself so let’s focus on the stuff we can try to control.  Hopefully, having a plan with pave the way for a beautiful feast and good time all can be grateful for.

One month out

Make a list of people that will be visiting.

Do you want it to feel cozy, elegant or casual?

Order your turkey and ham early

Choose recipes and figure out who will be making what

Do a walk-through of your home- does anything need to be updated or fixed? New decorating project?

Clear space in your pantry

Clear out the coat closet

Figure out if you will need extra tables, chairs, etc. to accommodate guests.


Two to Three Weeks ahead

Create DIY or figure out your table décor

Create your shopping list for non-perishable items and one for perishable items

Make your cooking schedule.  What things can be prepared ahead of time?

Shop for your non-perishables and leave them organized by dish


The weekend before

Tidy up your house.  Not the time for deep cleaning and purging.

Tidy up the front porch, maybe add a splash of color with plants or flowers

Clean out fridge and freezer to make room for prep items and leftovers

Shop for your perishable items

Purchase or pick up your frozen turkey so it can start thawing in the fridge

Review your menu and shopping lists to see if you left something out


The Day Before

Tidy up again focusing on main areas such as entry ways and bathrooms

Set the table with place settings and décor

Prep any dishes to decrease the workload

Clear out dishwasher

Put any frozen prep dishes you made prior in the fridge to thaw

Set up kids table if necessary


Thanksgiving Day

Start cooking Turkey early morning and start your cooking plan

After dinner, promptly put dishes in dishwasher to clear away and make room for dessert!

Graciously accept any help you get

Sit back and enjoy your pie!